Proudly Serving Central Alberta Since 1981 - Family Owned and Operated

About Wetaskiwin Aerial Applicators Ltd.

Our story begins in 1981 with owners Brent Lange and Larry McDonald. In 2000 Larry left the business to pursue other interests. After 5 years of being a manager at Wetaskiwin Aerial, Corey has become the owner, along with his partner Hope in February 2019. 

Corey has been aerial spraying for 17 years. Corey is a commercial fixed and rotary wing pilot with an M1/M2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license. He has spent time flying in BC and Yukon mountains and has flown across Canada in helicopters and airplanes. Corey is also a certified spray analyst. Hope has a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and spent time working North of Fort McMurray with Bird Construction. Since 2016, Hope has been working at Wetaskiwin Aerial in the office, as well as mixing and loading. With Corey's passion for flying and Hope's enjoyment for office work, we are definitely one another's better half and make up for others weaknesses accordingly. We both bring a different, yet crucial, skillset to the operation. 

Bruce Gair has been piloting with us for over 30 years! Bruce has since retired in 2019. Andrew Brown has been spraying for well over a decade. He also has a passion for training and teaching. Harry Evans has been flying with us since 2021. You can find him in Thailand over the winter flying skydivers around! Jim Trail is originally from Australia, but has since put down roots in Canada. Jim has been spraying for 4 years. Colemen Garnick is a helicopter pilot and has been with us since 2021. Brian has been with us since 2023 as a mixer/loader. He is a commercial helicopter pilot with goals of becoming an aerial applicator in the near future. 

Steven Wood started with us in 2019 and can be found wrenching on airplanes in the winter, and mixing/loading in the summer. Alex Fanta lives locally in Wetaskiwin, and can be found mixing and loading for the helicopter crew. Mike Murchie's aircraft maintenance knowledge is unmatched! He has been on our team for a year. 

Sophie Green works in the office mapping and dispatching. If she sounds funny on the phone it's the kiwi accent! 

We have expanded our operation and therefore many new additions to our team came in recent years. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing and talented team of people at Wetaskiwin Aerial. Every single person on our team is a valued member, and crucial to our operations success. Not only do we enjoy working together; we have also created lifelong friends in the process!

Who we are

From Left to Right: Andrew Brown, Mike Murchie, Harry Evans, Sophie Green, Jim Trail, Steven Wood, Colemen Garnick, Alex Fanta, Brian Koenraadt, Hope Cosens, Corey Lange, Genevieve Lange